Lighthouse Ministry Center

  • Fully owned and operated by Rwandan Christians
  • Four floors of facilities to minister Christ to South Rwanda and business enterprises to support the ministries
  • Ground floor dedicated to “JOY OF GOD” Bible Institute and campus ministry – including an extensive library, computer lab, classrooms, and coffee shop.
    • Five road-side shops
    • 20 first class hotel rooms and suites for local residents and international teams
    • a six room missionary apartment for long term missions work
    • Top floor houses the “Best View” restaurant and Conference center

The Lighthouse is now one of the larger buildings in Huye (as Butare was renamed in 2012). In 2015, it was opened for international ministry teams to rent out hotel and conference rooms. The goal is for the businesses within the ministry center to make CASR self-sufficient within another year. It will then require no American funds to carry on its ministries to all of south Rwanda.

On the ground floor it will house the “Joy of God Bible Institute” in honor of Kim Foreman. This will include a large chapel, several classrooms, a library, and a cafeteria. It will be used as a Christian Student Center to train university students. The Institute will also be used to train local pastors to allow them to receive the certificates that the government now requires of them. It will also sponsor the annual international East Africa Christian Student Apologetics Conferences.

In order to be self-sufficient the Lighthouse will also house five road-side shops, a 20 room hotel, and a rooftop restaurant with the best view in southern Rwanda (according to the regional governor). These rooms are designed to house short-term international mission teams. There are several large suites that will room up to six people and rooms appropriate for families. There are classrooms and conference rooms available to mission teams for use in their missionary efforts.

CASR owns and manages the Lighthouse. It is becoming a center of outreach to the poor of the area and its rapidly growing churches, hungering for His word. The profits from the embedded businesses will support the student outreach, CASR’s compassion ministries to the poor in the region, and a six room missionary apartment in the facility. The vision and potential of this ministry has grown incredibly.

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