Why ministry to African students?

  1. Most future leaders of Rwanda will pass through the country’s only “National University”. This is a strategic ministry.
  2. Most people who become Christians do so as young adults. This is a targeted ministry.
  3. Most students come from poor families. The university provides room and board, but their stipend amounts to only one dollar per day. This is a needed ministry.
  4. Local churches have few resources to share with students. Christian clubs have met under trees for lack of space. This is a practical ministry.
  5. We help the widows and orphans of Rwanda by preparing the hearts of students who will be able to benefit the needy more – in the long term – than any foreign missionary ever could. This is an empowering ministry.
  6. Future missionaries to Islamic Africa will be African Christians. We are preparing the harvesters. This is a visionary ministry.