Come And See Rwanda

#1 HOSTING SHORT TERM MISSION TEAMS   CASR’s team of local Christian Leaders and Pastors will:

  • Meet you at the airport in Kigali and transport you on the three hours drive through the beautiful countryside into south Rwanda

clean streets

  • Provide safe, high quality lodging and board for you and your teamWelcome-to-the-Lighthouse-1-1024x955
  • Provide translators to enable you to share the gospel and your giftsGarry Friesen speaking
  • Connect you to the local churches, the poor, the young, and university students10-13 g widows house 110-13 b widows 5
  • Ensure your safety during ministry to those in the city and in the bushCome And See Africa
  • Help you see and experience the rich culture of Rwanda and its rapidly growing churchesAfrica 02010-8 Anglican Church
  • Give you a lifetime of memories and experiences that will allow you to support our African brothers and sisters in prayer and wise financial commitmentsmonkeysunset Mavis

CASR has supported the Christian student community at the University of Rwanda since its inception in 2006. First through a rented house and 10-14 universityc14now at the Joy of God Bible Institute in the Lighthouse Ministry Center, student have gathered for daily prayer, fellowship, outreach planning, and intense discipleship. Frank Murenzi, the leader of the campus outreach of CASR, meets regularly with the leaders of the Christian student groups. He encourages them to work together to reach the campus for Christ and take the gospel to all of Rwanda. In 2015 he helped establish a monthly All-Christian worship assembly on campus that has attracted over 1000 students in united fellowship.
       CASR INTENSIVE DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM: graduates 2017Starting in 2006 CASR has ministered to the Christian students at the University with a most challenging discipleship course. The three year program meets three to five evenings a week for one to three hours. Forty to sixty students are taught by local pastors or the CASR teachers on over 30 Christian courses ranging from Evangelism to Hermeneutics to Romans and Galatians to World Religions. After each course the students are tested on the course content, graded, and credited. Only those students who successfully complete the over 300 hours of classes are allowed to graduate in the annual ceremony at the institute. Their Bible certificate is equivalent to pastor’s training.

The institute seeks to relate Christian education to the needs of the contemporary African church and society. The institute’s curriculum is designed to combine faith and learning in order to produce a biblical worldview on all aspects of life.  10-7 Alumni 3 In 2017, we sponsored our first Alumni meeting.  The ten men and two women who attended included three pastors who also held degrees in law and business.  One said that his diploma helped him get his job at Compassion International.  One was an accountant for the national tax agency.  One was a prison guard.  One worked at national business administration.  Each said that their discipleship training helped them to navigate their career directions and minister to those around them.  One woman told how she led evangelism at her church and another as teaching the woman’s group.  We then officially organized the new CASR Alumni group and elected officers, arranged contacts for other alumni, and set up another meeting.  CASA is greatly blessed to hear and see the fruit of the seeds that were planted.
Since its opening in 2014, the institute has served a daily meeting place for campus Christians and their leaders. It has two large classrooms, fellowship venues, prayer rooms, and a large Christian library and computer lab.12 Local pastors also utilize it for study and spiritual preparation. Its classrooms are open for pastors’ meetings, instruction, and conferences.  Institute teachers are required to affirm our Statement of Faith. They are free to express denomination distinctions, but may not impose these beliefs on students. They may not use the classroom to recruit students into their local churches. DSC00321The Institute is closed each Sunday morning to encourage all students to attend and support the local churches.  The institute affirms a biblical education that is consistent with evangelical Christianity, accepting the salient features of the historic Christian faith in the Apostles Creed.  The institute affirms the need for Christian apologetics; that students be able to give a reason for the hope that is in them.  The institute’s curriculum is Evangelical/non-denominational. It does not advocate one denominational position above another.
IMG_0007Along with the annual Apologetics Conference, CASA sponsors a conference for local pastors.  CASR also sponsors monthly interdenominational pastors meetings to encourage unity and combine efforts to evangelize and help the poor.   The institute is committed to the principle that truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

Pastor David Nahayo leads the compassion ministry for CASR. 1iThroughout his 30 years of ministry, he has demonstrated a deep heart of compassion for the widows and the poor in the area. Through CASR, his church, and out of his own home he has consistently and creatively explored avenues of sustainable means to lift those in need out of poverty. He has been consistently active in working with widows’ cooperatives in finding micro-enterprises to support themselves and their children. At the same time he supports them spiritually in finding their hope and faith in Christ.
He is the CASR member who will assist international ministry teams in finding venues to accomplish meaningful ministry. DSC00245He has connected past team members to opportunities to exercise their spiritual gifts in ministries to widows, poor youth, and children’s ministry.  Go to the link on “Making a Difference” to see how God can use those that “Come and See” have a continuing impact on the poor and vulnerable in Rwanda.


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